BMW's Latest Operating System, OS 8.5, is a Disappointment for Many Owners - Learn Why and What to Expect from Future Updates

BMW's Latest Operating System, OS 8.5, is a Disappointment for Many Owners - Learn Why and What to Expect from Future Updates
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The BMW OS 8.5 Release and Its Availability

BMW has recently announced the release of its latest operating system, OS 8.5. However, there is a catch - it will only be available for cars built after July 2023. This news has caused some disappointment among BMW owners who were expecting to upgrade their vehicles with the latest software.

The press release from BMW states that cars built before July 2023 will not receive the OS 8.5 update. Meanwhile, cars built after this date may or may not get the new operating system. This means that even if you own a one-year-old car advertised as updatable and forward-thinking, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of the new software.

This move by BMW has been criticized by many, especially when compared to Tesla's ability to successfully update its Model S from ten years ago. Some customers have reported that most of the software upgrades on their 2015 Model S have downgraded the car they bought and made features worse since about 2018.

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The Importance of Software Updates in Vehicles

Software updates are crucial for modern-day vehicles, as they enhance functionality and improve overall performance. They also fix bugs and security issues, making your vehicle safer and more reliable.

However, some automakers do not prioritize software updates, which can lead to frustration among customers who expect their vehicles to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. In contrast, companies like Tesla have shown that regular software updates can bring significant improvements to older models.

In light of this, BMW's decision not to provide OS 8.5 updates for all its vehicles has disappointed many customers who expected better from a company known for its innovation and technological advancements.

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Future Plans for BMW's Operating Systems

According to the press release, BMW plans to use OS 9 on lower-end models that do not have an iDrive controller. OS 9 is based on Android and is expected to bring significant improvements in terms of user experience and functionality.

However, it is unlikely that older vehicles will receive this update, as BMW tends to focus on providing new software only for newer models. It is speculated that the next platform "Neue Klasse" (new i3 and new iX3) will get a new OS (OS 10 or some other name), but again, it is uncertain whether older models will receive this update.

It seems that only MY 2024 iXs produced after March 1st will have an upgrade path to OS 8.5 because they are being built with a new headunit that supports the new operating system. Other cars that support the software may also have an upgrade path, but it remains unclear how this will work in practice.


In conclusion, while BMW's announcement regarding OS 8.5 has disappointed many customers, it highlights the importance of software updates in modern-day vehicles. Automakers should prioritize providing regular updates to keep their vehicles up-to-date with the latest technology and ensure customer satisfaction.

As we move towards a more connected world where technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives, automakers must adapt accordingly and provide innovative solutions that meet customer expectations. Hopefully, BMW will take note of these criticisms and work towards improving its future offerings to remain competitive in the ever-evolving automotive industry.