Aftermarket Cross-Bar Solutions Available for Rivian R1T - Securely Transport Your Cargo with Xtrusion Overland and Range Industries

Aftermarket Cross-Bar Solutions Available for Rivian R1T - Securely Transport Your Cargo with Xtrusion Overland and Range Industries
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The Rivian R1T is a popular electric pickup truck, and many owners are looking for third-party cross-bar options. Aftermarket companies have begun to offer solutions, such as Xtrusion Overland's modular rack system. This system can accept the Rivian crossbars over the bed, and have them sitting at the same exact height as the crossbars if mounted on the roof itself. Range Industries has also released a variation of their rack that sits 13.5” above the bed rails. It is made from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum uprights and 6063 aluminum extrusion crossbars, with optional sheet metal side panels.

When it comes to transporting cargo, having a secure and reliable mounting system is essential. The Xtrusion Overland rack system offers a great solution for those looking for an aftermarket option for their Rivian R1T. The modular design allows for easy installation and removal, while providing a flat and level mounting surface from the cab to the ass-end of the truck. The Range Industries variation offers additional utility and support with its higher profile off the bed, making it ideal for carrying heavier items like solar panels.

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Overall, there are now several aftermarket options available for those looking for a third-party cross-bar solution for their Rivian R1T. Both Xtrusion Overland and Range Industries offer great solutions that provide secure mounting systems with varying levels of utility and support. With these options now available, drivers can safely transport their cargo without worrying about their mounting system failing or coming loose during transit.

Are there any non-OEM options for cross-bars?

Yes, some aftermarket companies have solutions available. Xtrusion Overland is updating their website with a solution for the R1T before the year end. Range-industries is also working on a couple of variations of racks, with crossbars that sit roughly 13.5” above the bed rails.

Can I modify an Xtrusion Overland rack myself to raise it higher off the bed?

Yes, one user modified an Xtrusion Overland rack himself for this purpose.

Is it possible to have Rivian crossbars over the bed at the same height as the crossbars mounted on the roof?

Yes, Xtrusion Overland's solution should provide a flat and level mounting surface from the cab to the ass-end of the truck.

Are these aftermarket products or did you fabricate them yourself?

They are aftermarket products that were modified to be closer front to back than original. Then held to bed with cut j-bolts.

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