Affordable Car Insurance Options for New Drivers in the UK

Affordable Car Insurance Options for New Drivers in the UK
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If you are a new driver in the UK, finding an affordable insurance policy can be difficult. With no No Claim Bonus (NCB) and living in central London with your car parked on the street, it can seem like insurmountable task. However, there are options available to help get the best deal for your situation.

When searching for insurance quotes online, you may find that only the top 4 quotes are within your budget. This is because many insurers will not accept drivers with a foreign license or those who have been driving for less than two years. If you have 15 years of NCB but from a non-EU country, this does not count towards your UK driver's license.

Fitting a tracker to your vehicle could help broaden your appeal to insurers. Additionally, try Admiral direct as they tend to be cheaper than comparison sites. For example, one person found their quote was £1,700 compared to other companies quoting between £3,000 and £6,000.

It might also be worth considering taking out a rental car when visiting Ireland. Rental cars usually come with different insurance policies which do not take into account any prior traffic offences. Furthermore, if you use an American Express Platinum card, you should be covered for most eventualities.

When buying a car in the UK however, personal details such as address, job and whether you own a home become more relevant factors when obtaining an insurance policy. One person reported an xDrive50 with 8 years NCB in East Scotland with LV had a quote of £1,400/ $1,700 for 2023 - although there has been an increase in EV insurance across many brands this year.

Ultimately, it pays to shop around and compare prices as much as possible before settling on an insurer. Make sure you lock in your quote as soon as possible once you've decided on one so that you don't miss out on any savings!

What advice can I get for finding insurers for my car?

Try comparison sites, and consider fitting a tracker to your car. Directly contact LV and Admiral as they may offer more affordable quotes.

I have a UK driver license for over a year, but no NCD. What should I do?

Consider getting a cheap car to build 1-2 years of NCD. You can also try comparison sites and directly contact LV and Admiral for more affordable quotes.

Can I insure with VIN?

No, you cannot insure with VIN. The dealer will give you the registration number when the car is delivered to them.

Can visitors or new residents in the UK drive with their license?

Visitors or during the first 12 months of residency, they can freely drive with their license. After 12 months, they need to get a UK license, unless they come from a country where their license could be converted to a UK one (US is not one of them). Rental cars are usually not an issue because their insurance is usually different.

How does my personal information affect my insurance?

Your personal details such as address, job, whether you own a home or any kids, as well as your driving history become much more relevant when you buy an insurance policy.

What is the average price for EV insurance across many brands this year?

For xDrive50, 8 years NCB in East Scotland with LV and quite a nasty excess was £1,400 / $1,700 for 2023. There seems to be a substantial increase for EV insurance across many brands this year.