Advanced Security Measures - Rivian's Use of BLE Technology Ensures Vehicle Owners' Protection

Advanced Security Measures - Rivian's Use of BLE Technology Ensures Vehicle Owners' Protection
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Rivian's use of BLE for the fob and phone-as-a-key is secure.

Rivian vehicles are designed with a high level of security in mind, including their use of BLE technology for the Fob and Phone as a Key. This ensures that all communication between the vehicle and the key is encrypted, making it difficult to intercept any data or signals sent from either device. Furthermore, Rivian has implemented additional layers of authentication to validate the owner’s identity before allowing access to the vehicle.

The attack described in the article would require multiple people working together in close proximity to the owner’s key or phone, which reduces its effectiveness significantly. Additionally, this type of attack would only allow one start of the vehicle, after which it would no longer be effective due to the distance between the original phone and vehicle.

Tesla has added an optional PIN code requirement for starting the car, which provides an extra layer of security for those who are concerned about potential theft.

Ultimately, Rivian vehicles are designed with advanced security measures in place that make it highly unlikely that someone could successfully steal a car using this method. The combination of encryption, authentication protocols, and other security features ensure that owners can feel safe when leaving their cars unattended.

In addition to the security measures already in place, Rivian also offers a range of additional features that can be enabled for added protection. These include remote start and stop, geofencing capabilities, and even an alarm system that will sound if someone attempts to break into the vehicle.

Rivian’s use of BLE technology is just one example of their commitment to providing owners with peace-of-mind when it comes to protecting their vehicles from theft or unauthorized access. With these advanced security measures in place, owners can rest assured knowing that their cars are safe and secure at all times.

Do Rivian vehicles use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for the Fob and Phone as a Key?

It almost certainly does use BLE for phone-as-key, but not sure what's in the FOB. This particular attack is able to side-step the commonly used mechanisms that vendors implement to try to prevent this sort of attack. However, it still requires multiple coordinating people and the close proximity of the owner's key or phone.

Is there any way to stop a potential thief?

Best way to stop a potential thief nowadays is to own a manual transmission vehicle. Tesla Added a PIN to start option in the software for those who are concerned. Additionally, Rivian may release a feature that disables or "quiets" phone-as-key when the car is parked at a known location like home or office.

Is the relay attack described in the article relevant to Rivian's "phone as a key" BLE entry protocols?

No, the relay attack described is not how Rivian's "phone as a key" BLE entry protocols work, and you cannot intercept a relay message, since you cannot get a relay message or respond to any message triggers about your keys or ownership of the Rivian that is "theoretically under attack".

What other security measures are in place to protect Rivian vehicles?

Rivian has implemented a number of security measures to protect its vehicles. These include encryption, authentication, and authorization protocols, as well as physical locks and alarms. Additionally, Rivian's app also provides remote locking and unlocking capabilities, allowing owners to control access to their vehicle from anywhere. Finally, the company has also implemented a geofencing feature that limits access to the vehicle when it is outside of a predetermined area.