A Review of Tesla Investor Day 2023: The Promise, Lack of Details and Focusing on Smaller Details

A Review of Tesla Investor Day 2023: The Promise, Lack of Details and Focusing on Smaller Details
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The Promise of Tesla Investor Day 2023

Tesla investor day 2023 promised to be a wealth of information for those interested in the future of electric cars and renewable energy. However, as with many things related to Elon Musk's companies, the promise was not quite fulfilled. While there were presentations and videos available on YouTube, they left many people wanting more.

One video that is recommended is the abridged version of the four-hour Tesla video. This condensed version offers abstracts of what was presented during the event but truncates many of the details. It may stimulate curiosity to do a deeper dive into the topics discussed during the event.

However, watching the full four-hour video is a major time commitment. For those who want to get through it quickly, speeding up the playback might be a better use of their time. Then, they can go back and play interesting sections at regular speed. One viewer even cut out about 30 minutes of "video art" before the presentations to save time.

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Lack of Details and Next Gen Models

While some viewers found the presentations underwhelming due to a lack of details, others understood why Tesla would keep certain information close to the vest. For example, it appears that the next generation model or models are being pushed to the Mexico gigafactory, which has yet to break ground. This means that there will likely be no next-gen platform Teslas for at least another two to four years.

This news disappointed some fans who were hoping for new models sooner rather than later. However, others understand that providing too much detail could hamper sales of current models. In fact, when Tesla revealed the Model 3, it caused Model S sales to drop significantly. To avoid this happening again, Tesla may try to hold off on revealing any new models until production is almost ready to begin.

Despite these concerns, one viewer expressed satisfaction with their current Model 3 and looks forward to upgrading when a newer small Tesla comes out. They hope that Tesla has learned from past mistakes and won't create years-long preorder backlogs that ultimately harm the company.

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Focusing on Smaller Details

While Tesla presented a whole earth energy solution at investor day 2023, many commentators focused on smaller details instead of looking at the bigger picture. This approach must be frustrating for Elon Musk and his team, who have worked hard to create a sustainable future for everyone.

Overall, while Tesla investor day 2023 did not live up to everyone's expectations, it still provided valuable insights into the company's plans for the future. By focusing on larger concepts like renewable energy and sustainability instead of getting bogged down in smaller details, we can all work towards creating a better world for ourselves and future generations.