A Comparison Between Rivian and Ford Lightning: Who Earned More in Q2?

A Comparison Between Rivian and Ford Lightning: Who Earned More in Q2?
Rivian Noticeably Increased Production And Sales In Q2 2022

Rivian out-sold Ford Lightning in Q2, with 4,401 vehicles compared to 2,296. This is despite the fact that the Lighting wasn't on sale for all of it and the supply chains are still smoothing out. Almost 8,000 Rivians have been delivered so far.

Ford started full production April 26th and has made and delivered 2,300 F150Ls since then. This is while throttling its output to extend its tax credits eligibility through 2023. In comparison, Rivian produced 2,500 vehicles but only delivered about half of them during their first quarter of production.

It's easy to discount the F150L as another variation of a vehicle, however when seen side by side with a gas F150, the differences become more obvious. The windshield rake/angle is different, the headlights look similar shape but it’s a different panel and cutout, and the wheel arches are flatter. The hood is also more bulged.

The takeaway from this is not that Rivian is doing better than Ford, but rather that Ford is not doing better than Rivian despite having all the advantages. It shows how hard it can be to launch a new line even when the vehicle is just a variation of one already being manufactured. It also highlights the criticism of Rivian's manufacturing may be unwarranted.

In conclusion, both companies have done an impressive job in launching their respective vehicles and should be commended for their efforts. Despite Ford having many advantages over Rivian, they have not been able to outperform them in terms of sales or delivery numbers yet. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of both companies, as well as their commitment to producing quality vehicles.

How many vehicles did Rivian and Ford sell in Q2?

Rivian sold 4,401 vehicles in Q2 compared to Ford at 2,296.

When did Ford start production of the Lightning?

Ford started full production April 26, which was considerably more than half a quarter.

What are the differences between the F150L and the gas F150?

The F150L has a pulled back windshield rake/angle, different headlights, flatter wheel arches, and a more bulged hood than the gas F150.

Was the tweet from RJ saying that Ford was doing a bad job?

No, the tweet from RJ was pointing out how well Rivian was doing - it was not saying Ford was doing a bad job. Both Rivian and Ford climbed the same mountain at about the same time, but Ford took the non-technical route while Rivian made the technical climb.

What is the difference between Rivian and Ford's approach to electric vehicles?

Rivian has taken a more technical approach to electric vehicles, focusing on battery technology and software development. Ford has taken a more traditional approach, relying on existing platforms and components.

How did Rivian manage to outsell Ford in Q2?

Rivian was able to outsell Ford in Q2 due to its focus on battery technology and software development, as well as its ability to quickly ramp up production. Additionally, the F150L was released late in the quarter, giving Rivian an advantage in terms of timing.

What are some of the features that make the F150L stand out from other electric vehicles?

The F150L stands out from other electric vehicles due to its advanced battery technology, which allows for a range of up to 300 miles per charge. Additionally, it features an all-wheel drive system, adjustable air suspension, and a suite of driver assistance technologies.

What kind of response has there been to the F150L?

The response to the F150L has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers have praised its performance, range, and features, with many noting that it is a great alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles.