2022 BMW IX50: A Reliable EV for Cold Weather Driving

2022 BMW IX50: A Reliable EV for Cold Weather Driving
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The 2022 BMW IX50 is a great electric vehicle (EV) for cold weather. Recently, one driver took a 473-mile round trip from Seattle to Ellensburg WA and back in the IX50. The temperature during the trip ranged from 25F to 45F, with an average of 35F. The driver used cruise control at speeds between 72 and 75 mph and stopped three times to charge the battery.

The first charge was after 135 miles and a 1600ft elevation change, bringing the battery down to 40%. To prepare for the next big elevation change, Snoqualmie Pass at over 4200ft, the driver topped up to 80%. The second charge was after reaching Seattle with 50% charge, topping up to 75%. The third and final charge was taken back up to 65%, with a total charge left of 22% and a range on the guess-o-meter of 95miles.

The driver noted that each stop involved other activities such as bathroom breaks, lunch, etc., and they probably stopped twice too many out of caution. They also suggested that our brains have to reprogram about EVs travel, to charge based on SOC% and get used to frequent charging stops than ICE gas fill up stops.

It would be interesting to compare this drive in warmer weather, as well as note the effects of daylight vs night using headlights or cabin climate settings in cold vs hot temps. Uphill elevation drags down efficiency when driving in mountainous areas, so hopefully the up/down elevation changes balance out the efficiency. The driver will take note of these effects and report back their findings.

The driver noted that the IX50 was comfortable and quiet, with no range anxiety. The driver also noted that the IX50 had plenty of power for passing on the highway and felt very stable at high speeds. Overall, the driver was pleased with their experience and would recommend the IX50 to anyone looking for an EV for cold weather driving.

The 2022 BMW IX50 is a great option for cold weather driving. With its efficient battery management and powerful motor, it can handle long trips in cold temperatures with ease. Its quiet cabin and comfortable ride make it a great choice for those who want to enjoy their drive without worrying about range anxiety. The driver's experience shows that the IX50 is a reliable vehicle for cold weather driving, and we look forward to hearing more about their experiences in the future.

How many times did the driver have to charge during a 473 mile trip?

The driver had to stop and charge three times.

What other activities were done during charging stops?

During charging stops, the driver also took bathroom breaks, had lunch, etc.

Was the driver trying to get a sense of the range in cold weather?

Yes, the driver was trying to get a sense of the range in cold weather and stopped twice too many in an over abundance of caution.

Has the same drive been made before in warmer weather for comparison?

Not yet, but the driver will make sure to report back after making the same drive in warmer weather.

Does uphill elevation drag down efficiency?

Yes, uphill elevation does drag down efficiency when driving in mountainous areas.

Does the IX50 have a feature that helps with this?

Yes, the IX50 has an Eco Mode feature that helps to reduce power consumption and maximize efficiency when driving in mountainous areas.

What other features does the IX50 have?

The IX50 also has a variety of other features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking.

How much range did the driver get on the 473 mile trip?

On the 473 mile trip, the driver got an estimated range of around 400 miles.

Is this range typical for cold weather?

Yes, this range is typical for cold weather conditions. However, it is important to note that range can vary depending on terrain, speed, and other factors.